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Spirulina Seaweed Powder

Manufacturer: Best of Nature

Description for: Spirulina Seaweed Powder

Spirulina grows in tropical regions of the world where the strong sunshine helps this water plant produce a veritable treasure trove of vital nutrients. It was a valuable food source for ancient peoples and with good reason; spirulina is so incredibly rich in nutrients that it produces more nutrients per acre than any other food source on earth. These minerals revitalize our skin, feeding it and replacing key nutrients that are lost through the ravages of age, pollution, and lack of moisture. Masks and body wraps made with Spirulina help to moisturize and tone the skin; it can be particular soothing to problem or irritated skin. Seaweed wraps or hot baths with Spirulina mud can reduce the pain from arthritis and muscle injuries.

For greater detoxification and toning, try mixing Spirulina with equal parts of clays such as:
* Rhassoul (sensitive or mature skin/increases elasticity)
* Sea Clay (all skin types)
* Rose Clay (sensitive and dry skin)
* Kaolin (normal skin/refines pores)
Clays are powerful detoxifiers.  


* Body Wrap- Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup Spirulina for a toning, skin-softening full body wrap. Mix with warm water to maximize the soothing effect. Once applied, wrap the body in Mylar Foil
Facial Mask - Use 2 tablespoons mixed with warm water for a toning and rejuvenating facial mask.
* Body Aches - For treatment of aches and pains in the shoulders, lower back, arms and legs, mix Spirulina with warm water and wrap the area with Mylar Foil.
* Aches and Fatigue - For relief of muscle aches and fatigue, add one cup to a pitcher of warm water, mix well, then add to a warm bath. Add some Lavender Essential Oil (or any scent you prefer) for greater relaxation.  
* Manicure/Pedicure - For a Manicure/Pedicure apply Spirulina mixed with warm water to hands or feet and wrap in Mylar Foil.

(2) tablespoons clay or seaweed (or a mix of both) 
(2) tablespoons warm water. 
- directions
* Mix ingredients briskly to make a smooth paste.
* Clays and seaweeds vary in absorbency; if your mixture is too thin, add more powder, if too thick, add a little more water. 
* Apply to clean face and neck, making sure to avoid the eye area.
* Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes until dry.
* Rinse with warm water.
* Pat skin dry.

Please note - the number of treatments listed for each size below is an estimate for your reference. It varies based on how much product you use, the size of the area being treated, etc.

Cautions: Seaweed treatments must be avoided for those with iodine or seaweed allergies and pregnant women.  


Personal Size = 8-10 facials or 1-2 body wraps

Spa Size = 20-24 facials or 6-8 body wraps

Spa Value Size = 70-80 facials or 20-25 body

Bulk Size = 25 lbs 125 + body treatments

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Spa Size
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Spirulina Seaweed Powder: Spirulina Seaweed Powder

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