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Living WallBring the Health and Beauty of Nature Indoors With a Living Wall of Plants!

Rare Natural Beauty
Beyond its air-cleaning ability, the Living Wall is a unique and beautiful addition to any space, bringing the vivid beauty of a lush green garden indoors and improving the quality of life of those around it. The plant wall literally adds life to the room, imparting a soft, warm natural feel to your indoor space. People will marvel at this unique addition to your décor.

What's significant about the vertical nature of the plant wall, is that you receive the powerful psychological and physical health benefits of an entire garden of plants in just a small amount of indoor floor space.

Benefits of the Living Wall

  • Substantially improves indoor air quality naturally...tell me more
  • Increases indoor oxygen levels
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Significant cost savings
  • Unique and beautiful addition to décor
  • The look and feel of a green, lush garden in a vertical space

Easily Customizable
Living Walls can be easily customized in size and shape to suit the needs of your spa, office, treatment area, or home. They make a great addition to any environment, presenting a focus on health and nature to your clients. 
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Indoor Air BiofilterNaturally Clean Air

This vertical garden is as smart as it is beautiful. The newly patented Living Wall System cleans the indoor air naturally by drawing it through a plant-covered wall and returning it fresh and clean to the room. Integrated into your building’s ventilation system, a wide range of plants, flowers, and foliage actively breaks down pollutants into their benign constituents of water and carbon dioxide. Clean air is then distributed throughout your space, significantly enhancing the indoor environment. The air is cleaned through completely natural means using processes without any artificial chemicals or filters.

Poor indoor air quality can increase breathing and other respiratory problems in people who spend most of their time indoors. The Living Wall removes up to 90% of common pollutants, significantly improving indoor air quality and improving oxygen levels in an environmentally sustainable manner. The improvement in air quality is immediately apparent and the cost savings can be quite significant. 

Tell me more about how the Living Wall cleans the air


Living Wall FAQs

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As seen in The New York Times, Elle, Time Out New York and Outside Magazine

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